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10th Joint Webinar ESTP/SFPT/BSTP and ECVP/ESVP*
March 6th, 2024: 16.00–17.30 (CET)

The webinar committee would like to invite you all to attend the 10th Joint Webinar of the ESTP/SFTP/BSTP and ECVP/ESVP, Wednesday March 6, 2024. The joint webinars were well attended with over 200 participants. These webinars are free of charge and will qualify for CE certification. The CE registration for participants needs to be requested via the feedback form.

The title of the webinar is

Experience of veterinary pathologists who transitioned into project toxicologist

Speakers: Kuno Wuersch (Novartis Pharma AG), Bhanu Singh (Gilead Sciences, Inc.), Tim LaBranche (Blueprint Medicines Corporation)

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Traditionally, veterinary pathologists in biopharmaceutical industry are known for their distinctive expertise in the safety evaluation of emerging products at different stage of the research and development. They engage in practical, detailed examinations of animal organs and tissues (anatomic pathology) or alterations in the composition of bodily fluids like blood and urine (clinical pathology). The biopharmaceutical industry provides diverse, challenging, and rewarding career opportunities to pathologists. There is growing trend of opportunities for pathologists to serve in the role of a project toxicologist (or nonclinical safety leader). In this role they are expected to oversee the design and execution of nonclinical safety programs to support the development of drug candidates from discovery to market authorization. This webinar will host speakers who are trained as veterinary pathologist and transitioned into the project toxicologist role. The speakers will represent different stage of experience in the toxicologist role as well as from diverse organizations (large, medium, and small Pharma/biotech). Each speaker will share their experience in this role followed by an open Q&A session.

Discussion will focus on following topics:
  • How did you transition to toxicologist role? (Introduce yourself/Career journey), Why did you make the transition? Are you full time/part-time?
  • What were the knowledge gaps during transition and how did you manage that? Focus on technical skills?
  • Soft skills (e.g. project management, communication) required to be successful in this role?
  • How does it feel like to be in this role (rewards/challenges/hurdles)?
  • How does this role help (or helping) in your career development?

We look forward to your participation
Hans Harleman

For the webinar committee
Flavia Pasello dos Santos (SFTP)
Francesca Franzoso (ECVP)
Jerome Abadie (ESVP)
Matthias Rinke (ESTP/IATP)
Ricardo de Miguel (ECVP)
Rita Deuchande (BSTP)
Serge Zander (ESTP/NVT)

* Sponsored by the ESTP, SFTP, BSTP and NVT

Link for registration

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