European Society of Toxicologic Pathology (ESTP)
    European Society of Toxicologic Pathology
Univ.-Professor Dr. med. vet. Dr. h.c. mult. Wolfgang Drommer
Honorary Member of the European Society of Toxicologic Pathology (ESTP)

Professor Wolfgang Drommer is one of the constant promoters of the scientific field of toxicological pathology. His scientific work within this area started more than 25 years ago with special emphasis on the pathogenesis of experimentally-induced cardiovascular shock and vasculopathies. Especially the rheumatoid inflammation process in humans and animals and its treatment by various therapeutic approaches led to his proven track record of high quality publications in the field of toxicological pathology.

His devoted support of the educational needs of young scientists lead to sustained and profound training of young veterinary pathologists in the emerging and growing scientific field of toxicological pathology. As one of the founding members of the postgraduate study program in Veterinary Pathology, Prof. Drommer successfully implemented a broad training program for Toxicopathology at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Hannover, Germany. This led to numerous successful PhD theses in the field of veterinary pathology and toxicopathology. A substantial number of these qualified colleagues are now working in positions in the pharmaceutical or chemical industry throughout the world.

In 1994, Prof. Drommer, together with Prof Eberhard Karbe, established the seminar series "Classic Examples in Toxicologic Pathology" at the School of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover. Since then, both have functioned as organizers and chairmen of this annual event. These seminars turned out to be one of the most valuable and accepted training modules for toxicologic pathologists in Europe, with a constantly growing number of participants both throughout Europe and overseas. Prof. Drommer also initiated the production of a CD-ROM with manuscripts and histopathologic images from the first 12 seminars, to be made available by the ESTP in 2005.

Since 1992, he has served on the ESTP (formerly GTP) board as a representative of the universities. With his deep personal belief in the necessity for international cooperation in the field of toxicological pathology, he constantly supported the transition of the former GTP, from the early beginnings to a now active European Society, the ESTP.

For his invaluable contributions to the education and introduction of young veterinary pathologists to the field of toxicopathology, the ESTP is very proud to bestow upon him the honorary membership. We herewith also honor a person with high and worldwide professional experience and reputation who, before many others, developed an European view of veterinary pathology including our fascinating field of toxicologic pathology.

Hamburg, September 2003
Johannes H. Harleman
ESTP Chairman